Basic, intermediate, conversational or very targeted/specific lessons



Whether you are a tourist who is just staying in Paris for a couple of weeks, a student or an expat who needs to perfect his skills, every lessons will be adapted to your target.

It could also be that you need to work on a precise subject such as catering or administrative French. I can help you, no matter where you difficulties lie.

Why you can trust me

I am an experienced, qualified private tutor of French and German. In addition I am a native speaker of both languages. I also have experience in class teaching in public and private schools.

I have also been working in London as a private tutor for several language agencies. (You can read my credentials from former employers in the “About Me” section).

During the last decade, I have dealt with people from all nationalities and walks of life.

I have also helped numerous students succeed in preparing their GCSE or A-level exams in French and in German.

I am used to dealing with the specific difficulties of English speakers and I can help you perfect your prononciation in both languages.

As we will progress on your set of lessons, you will feel more confident and you sense progress rapidly.


Currently in the heart of Paris and willing to improve your French or maybe to learn German with me? Let’s go for it! Book your lessons NOW at




Author: Isabelle Esling

follower of Yeshua-trilingual published author-independent languages tutor for English speakers.

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