Not keen on having formal French lessons? You choose your formula!



quoi de neuf

So, you are not really the book learner type? You would love to combine the charm of the Parisian streets with your learning of the language?

May I suggest that we study one formal lesson with specific formulations, grammar and vocabulary? Then, at our next lesson, we could simply step out into the streets of Paris, where you could apply your French under my supervision…

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll give you the tools and then, here you are, at the bakery, ordering your baguette and croissants!

We could also have some conversational French in the streets of Paris or in any place you like!

Remember: ALL lessons are and will be tailored according to your specific needs.

Just let me know what you expect from the lessons and we will work it out together.

I am here to help you succeed!



Author: Isabelle Esling

follower of Yeshua-trilingual published author-independent languages tutor for English speakers.

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