Preparing a job interview in French? Let me help you!



You have fallen in love with the City of Lights…now you are able to project your daily life in Paris and you would enjoy getting settled here.

Having found the City of your dreams, all you need now is to get hold of the job of your dreams!

You may feel scared about having a job interview in French, as it requires a lot of self-confidence and in also your French speaking skills.

Of course, there are jobs in Paris that are specifically aimed at English speakers and that don’t require a good knowledge of French, such as English speaking baby sitter, native speaker jobs in English language, working at an American bar or inside of a tourist shop…however, for most positions, a good knowledge of French is mandatory.

But also, while applying to French jobs, you will need to know how to present your CV and your cover letter. You will also need to be convincing during the interview.

There are DO’s and DON’Ts in France that you need to be aware of, otherwise, you may be dismissed as a candidate.

DO NOT PANIC! I am here to help you prepare your job interview consistently.


Here is what you can expect from our sessions:

  • boosting your confidence
  • working on pronounciation and phonetics
  • working on your elocution and fluency
  • help in writing/correcting/modifying your CV
  • help in correcting your cover letter
  • working on your assets/ fields of competency
  • job interview simulations


Do not hesitate: let me help you succeed in making your dreams come true in Paris!

Book your lessons NOW!




Author: Isabelle Esling

follower of Yeshua-trilingual published author-independent languages tutor for English speakers.

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