Getting acquainted with spoken French

A lot of English speaking persons keep telling me that, even after years of practice of  French language, they are still experiencing difficulties in understanding French people speaking in the streets.

Why is that? The main cause lies in the fact that you have been learning formal French in your books. While you may be able to master pronounciation and oral expressions, the French you are hearing in the streets is very different, because a lot of vowels or words are swallowed. Here are a few examples:


You learnt to say ‘Je suis content’ for ‘ I am happy’, but most French people speak it out like that in informal French: ‘Chuis content’…what you actually hear is ‘Chuis content’ and your ear is probably unable to link both expressions together, because it is spoken out very fast, most of the time.


j 'aime pas

In the same way, you are probably used to ‘ne…pas’ to express the negation. Well, most French people will drop the ‘ne’ in informal French and keep the ‘pas’:

formal French: Je n’aime pas le cinéma

informal French: J’aime pas le cinéma


A lot of expressions are often compacted:

  • Je t’ apporte ça tout de suite= “Chtapporte ça toutsuit’…”

Then you have some slangs and idiomatic expressions that come into play.

What can you do to improve your oral understanding skills?

Do not panic! Solutions exist:


  • find some French speaking partners who will help you get acquainted with more informal expressions
  • watch some current movies-most contemporary DVDs do have English subtitles
  • watch French TV: for instance, talk shows can help you catch frequently used words and expressions
  • mimick what you hear
  • and, of course, feel free to ask me if you encounter any difficulty.

Je suis prête à vous aider…euh…‘chuis prête à vous aider’-‘chuis prête à vous donner un coup de main!’


paris café






Lost in translation in the heart of Paris? It doesn’t have to be that way!




Your dream to visit Paris has come true and you are happy to be in the City of Lights?

But a shadow remains hanging over you: your communication skills don’t allow you to communicate properly. The more you seem to be trying, the less you are understood.

And you would like to avoid speaking English! After all, you also came to the French Capital to improve your French skills…


Do not panic! I am here to help. I am currently offering one to one or two to one tuition services that will perfectly suit your very precise needs.

No matter if you are here for a short stay or if you are settled in Paris, French lessons in Paris are structured into several types of lesson set:

-2 hours if you’re only there for a few days or if you are not sure about how many lessons you’d like to book in the future. The 2 hours lessons set is perfect if you want to discover the method I am proposing. It will put you quite immediately into concrete communication situations and help you achieve your goal.

-a set of 10 prorated lessons if you need to work more regularly and improve some specific points ( such as accent, pronounciation, grammar, idioms, false cognates, etc…)

-a set of 15 prorated lessons if you need to focus more and to progress more actively. This is a perfect formula for students or persons working in Paris.

Why French lessons in Paris are ALWAYS a good idea:

  • all lessons are tailored to your needs: if you need to work on pastry or catering, I will adapt our lessons accordingly. If it is paperwork or business French that you need, we will work it out together!
  • one to one tuition is perfect to work out your very specific difficulties, no matter where the difficulty lies ( pronounciation, grammar, communication…)
  • I will come to your place or hotel, unless you wish to arrange our lessons at a local Café.
  • The lessons are not boring and formal. You will have fun! You are going to love it and before you realize it, you’ll start thinking and speaking like a French person.
  • The plus: I am also offering German lessons with similar formulas, as I am also a native speaker and teacher of German
  • I am used to teaching English speaking people and I am pretty much aware of the difficulties they may face in both languages.

Do not hesitate! Book NOW!

Contact me at

or via my Facebook Business page.


I will get back at you asap in order to schedule our booking.


Basic, intermediate, conversational or very targeted/specific lessons



Whether you are a tourist who is just staying in Paris for a couple of weeks, a student or an expat who needs to perfect his skills, every lessons will be adapted to your target.

It could also be that you need to work on a precise subject such as catering or administrative French. I can help you, no matter where you difficulties lie.

Why you can trust me

I am an experienced, qualified private tutor of French and German. In addition I am a native speaker of both languages. I also have experience in class teaching in public and private schools.

I have also been working in London as a private tutor for several language agencies. (You can read my credentials from former employers in the “About Me” section).

During the last decade, I have dealt with people from all nationalities and walks of life.

I have also helped numerous students succeed in preparing their GCSE or A-level exams in French and in German.

I am used to dealing with the specific difficulties of English speakers and I can help you perfect your prononciation in both languages.

As we will progress on your set of lessons, you will feel more confident and you sense progress rapidly.


Currently in the heart of Paris and willing to improve your French or maybe to learn German with me? Let’s go for it! Book your lessons NOW at



Are you staying in Paris? Learn French and/or German with me! by Isabelle Esling

Whether you are a tourist discovering the City of Lights, a student or an expat who just got settled in the Capital, why not seize the opportunity to have fun with French or German in the heart of Par…

Source: Are you staying in Paris? Learn French and/or German with me! by Isabelle Esling

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email :

Please allow 24 hours approximately for a response

The aim of this website is to provide the English speaker residing in Paris some help in improving their French or acquiring new skills by learning German, for instance. All lessons are tailored to your needs and interests.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced ? Do not hesitate…contact me !

I’ll be more than happy to help. See you soon in Paris!



Pricing and conditions

Please note that the package of lessons you are choosing is to be paid IN CASH at the first lesson before we start. You will need to advise 48 hours in advance before any cancellation ; otherwise, the booked lessons are due. Please note that scammers will be reported to the local police.


per lesson : 55 euros

2 HOURS : 110 euros

1O HOURS : 530 euros

15 HOURS : 750 euros

Pricing includes :

  • travel to your place ( within 30 minutes of travel)
  • material provided
  • lesson tailored to your specific needs

Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at the email address provided on the website in the contact section.

Why prefer individual lessons to group lessons ?

Group lessons that are organized by different groups/ associations may seem cheaper at first sight. However, you will be losing on the long term. Why ? The reason is simple : your individual needs/ interests and difficulties won’t be taken into account, given the fact that only the group and its progression as a whole will be considered. You might be frustrated if some points of the lesson remain unclear to you.


I am available from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Friday mornings.

I don’t teach on Friday afternoon or on Saturdays. If your working schedule doesn’t allow you to have lessons during the week, it is possible for me to exceptionally arrange lessons on Sunday.

I don’t do evening lessons, as I am involved in different activities during the evening.