Can I, as a non-native speaker, reach the level of a native speaker?


You’ve been working on your favorite language-French or German- for years. You now master structures and are much at ease. You are receiving great compliments for your fluency.

You have been asking yourself if it would be possible to reach a higher level of mastery of your language that would allow you to be mistaken for a native speaker?

People have probably told you that this is impossible.

Well, a lot of things seem impossible until they are done.

So, are you willing to take your “Turing test” in French or German?

Here are a few advices to succeed in your goal:

  • Fake it until you make it: practice every day ( pronounciation, intonation, be willing to work on your phonetics, as practice really makes perfect!)
  • be knowledgeable in idiomatic expressions ( they will make you sound like a native)
  • dig deep into culture and history, learn about culinary and other traditions
  • choose a native speaker for your lessons, express your specific needs
  • be open about different conversational topics
  • read the press and watch movies
  • immerse yourself into contemporary culture


What else? Practice, practice, practice…be a parrot, copy speech and body language…

If you manage to turn impossible into I’m possible, you’ll certainly pass your Turing test!

Until then: fake it…until you make it!

Good luck on your future endeavors!

I am here to help you succeed. Book NOW.









Why choosing a native speaker is a detail of importance



Some websites claim that finding a competent tutor is much more important than having a native speaker at your disposition and that, very often, non-native speakers are capable of explaining better, because they understand that “students can make mistakes”…first of all, let me set the record straight about the latter sentence: native speakers do too!


The truth is that you will need -preferably- BOTH:

  1. a competent, well trained, experienced tutor who masters grammar, structures and who is able to understand the student’s particular difficulty due to phonetics or grammar or whatever else…
  2.  a person who was immersed into the culture of the language you are currently studying.

Why is this detail of importance? It truly matters if you want to make some consistent progress in your language of study.

By making the choice of trusting a native speaker, you are making the RIGHT CHOICE.

  • A native speaker will ALWAYS pronounce RIGHT
  • A native speaker will have the right intonation and will help you repeat the sentences with the right accent and intonation. So, you want to sound French or German? Choose a native speaker!
  • A native speaker will always insert idioms in his speech very naturally. Idioms are expressions you would barely understand, because they are typical of the country’s way of expressing. It can be a metaphor, it may have a historical background. The native speaker is usually able to tell.
  • Especially when it comes to precise knowledge ( culinary habits, cultural habits, school system, politics etc), the native speaker is usually more competent to give you the accurate info you actually need.


“French lessons in Paris”  can offer you BOTH:

  • an experienced and competent teacher who is used to the specific difficulties of English speakers
  • a native speaker of French and German who can help you integrate idioms and structures easily as you progress

In addition, lessons are informal and tailored to each client’s individual needs!


Do not hesitate! Book your lessons NOW!


Lost in translation in the heart of Paris? It doesn’t have to be that way!




Your dream to visit Paris has come true and you are happy to be in the City of Lights?

But a shadow remains hanging over you: your communication skills don’t allow you to communicate properly. The more you seem to be trying, the less you are understood.

And you would like to avoid speaking English! After all, you also came to the French Capital to improve your French skills…


Do not panic! I am here to help. I am currently offering one to one or two to one tuition services that will perfectly suit your very precise needs.

No matter if you are here for a short stay or if you are settled in Paris, French lessons in Paris are structured into several types of lesson set:

-2 hours if you’re only there for a few days or if you are not sure about how many lessons you’d like to book in the future. The 2 hours lessons set is perfect if you want to discover the method I am proposing. It will put you quite immediately into concrete communication situations and help you achieve your goal.

-a set of 10 prorated lessons if you need to work more regularly and improve some specific points ( such as accent, pronounciation, grammar, idioms, false cognates, etc…)

-a set of 15 prorated lessons if you need to focus more and to progress more actively. This is a perfect formula for students or persons working in Paris.

Why French lessons in Paris are ALWAYS a good idea:

  • all lessons are tailored to your needs: if you need to work on pastry or catering, I will adapt our lessons accordingly. If it is paperwork or business French that you need, we will work it out together!
  • one to one tuition is perfect to work out your very specific difficulties, no matter where the difficulty lies ( pronounciation, grammar, communication…)
  • I will come to your place or hotel, unless you wish to arrange our lessons at a local Café.
  • The lessons are not boring and formal. You will have fun! You are going to love it and before you realize it, you’ll start thinking and speaking like a French person.
  • The plus: I am also offering German lessons with similar formulas, as I am also a native speaker and teacher of German
  • I am used to teaching English speaking people and I am pretty much aware of the difficulties they may face in both languages.

Do not hesitate! Book NOW!

Contact me at

or via my Facebook Business page.


I will get back at you asap in order to schedule our booking.


Practical ways to improve your French conversation skills



You’ve been learning French for a while now, but, somehow, you are not really satisfied with your ability to speak the language. Here are some efficient tools to help you improve your fluency.

  • “Practice makes perfect”: this proverb has been proven to be true. Even if your schedule is quite busy, be committed to setting 15 minutes of your time apart for French. With 15 minutes daily , you will reap more results than with one hour weekly. It is much better to have a short-timed, regular time dedicated to French during which you can concentrate fully: your brain will be more receptive if you do it this way.
  • do you like music? Why not listen, then to a bunch of popular French songs? Listen carefully at first; then become more daring and sing along! You could even record yourself on tape to monitor your progress.
  • Listen to simple sentences. Repeat them on a regular basis. Then start repeating them faster, like a normal French person would speak.
  • Always listen to French movies in the original language. Use subtitles to help you and let your ear get used to the language.
  • Speak French in front of your mirror. Rehearse as much as much as needed!
  • Ask your way, order your coffee, buy your bread in French! Do not be afraid to make mistakes, there will always be a person of good will to help you out.
  • Learn your structures and idioms. They will be very useful to build up a conversation that sounds good.

Finally, ask a native speaker of French! I am offering services in the heart of Paris in form of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 tuition. Take advantage of the -10% for the set of 2 lessons ( offer lasts until March the 14th). I’ll be more than happy to help you out with your specific requests. The same offer is also available for German language, as I am also a native speaker and teacher of German.

Do not hesitate any longer. Book NOW.




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Any resolutions for 2017?

resolutions 3.jpg


Each successful person knows it, for sure : a successful year starts with setting precise targets for your plans.

A new year has just started. This is the ideal moment to think about the goals that will make you a more successful and dynamic person.

Are you currently living in Paris ?

Why not seize the opportunity to improve your learn French or simply to improve your oral skills ? Or maybe to learn German?

French lessons in Paris is a small company led by an experienced teacher ( native speaker of French and German) who has some consistent 20 years experience teaching French and German in France and in England . This is expertise you can trust !

Whether you decide to choose a set of 2 hours or a package of 10 or 15 intensive lessons, you will be able to learn from the comfort of your home or at your hotel. If you prefer, we can also arrange a meeting within a Café nearby.

Immediately after your lessons, you will be able to apply your knowledge concretely, as the lessons, that put an emphasis on oral communication, will put you into very concrete situations. You will be amazed at your progress !

Our lessons are tailored for 3 categories of clients :

  • tourists on a short stay in Paris : the schedules are flexible and each lesson is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.
  • Students : according to your curriculum, the lessons can be adapted to your clear-cut demand.
  • Expats : whether you wish to work on business or every day conversational French, the lessons will fit your pecular requirements.

Our plus : German lessons for English speakers, in case you decide to acquire a new language or simply improve your German skills. This is something we can do too, in addition to learning French, in the heart of the City of Lights.

Make 2017 count ! Book your lessons NOW.

For any additional questions you might have or to set up the right schedule for your lessons, contact me at and I will do my best to get right back in touch with you.

About me




My name is Isabelle Esling. I am a native speaker of German and French. I am a friendly, open-minded and passionate individual.

I graduated from the University of Metz and I do possess two Masters degrees : one in international relations and the other one in German studies. I also have a BA in foreign languages applied to business. I am a certified teacher of German.

I have two main passions : writing and foreign languages. I’ve been a music journalist over a decade since 2003 and I started publishing books in 3 languages since 2012. I have published 10 books so far. I have a classroom teaching experience over 20 years as a languages teacher.

I have been a French and German tutor for customers of all walks of life and ages in London and I am currently also collaborating with language agencies in Paris.

I’ll be more than happy to help you improve your language skills in the beautiful town of Paris !

isabelle paris


Dealing with the language barrier in Paris? Do you need to brush up your French?

Le Français ou l’Allemand en s’amusant…have fun and learn a language while being in Paris !




Living abroad and not knowing a language ( or not knowing it well enough to be able to communicate properly) can be very frustrating.

Are you currently staying in Paris ? Would you like to seize the opportunity to brush up your French skills  or maybe to acquire knowledge in a new language such as German ?

I can help !

No matter if you need to communicate better in French or acquire new skills in German, all lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, with an emphasis on oral communication.

All lessons are structured in one to one or two to one sessions, with a minimum of two hours booking.

I grew up bilingual German/French near the German border, on the French side in Lorraine. Switching from one language to another and communicating in different foreign languages poses me no problem. I myself have been an expat in London for nearly 7 years and I am familiar with an English speaking audience.

During my stay in London I have been working as a freelance tutor with several language agencies ( with Voulez-vous parler Français and The Language Machine in particular. I’ve been facing people from all type of levels, from beginner to conversational, preparing some students to their GCSE and A level exams in French and in German).

I am currently also collaborating with language agencies in Paris, such as Interculture (ILC) for foreign speakers aiming at learning French and Speaking Agency for the German learners.

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