Dealing with the language barrier in the French Capital?



Living abroad and not knowing a language ( or not knowing it well enough to be able to communicate properly) can be very frustrating.

Are you currently staying in Paris ? Would you like to seize the opportunity to brush up your French skills  or maybe to acquire knowledge in a new language such as German ?

I can help !

No matter if you need to communicate better in French or acquire new skills in German, all lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, with an emphasis on oral communication.

All lessons are structured in one to one or two to one sessions, with a minimum of two hours booking.

I grew up bilingual German/French near the German border, on the French side in Lorraine. Switching from one language to another and communicating in different foreign languages poses me no problem. I myself have been an expat in London for nearly 7 years and I am familiar with an English speaking audience.

During my stay in London I have been working as a freelance tutor with several language agence ( with Voulez-vous parler Français and The Language Machine in particular. I’ve been facing people from all type of levels, from beginner to conversational, preparing some students to their GCSE and A level exams in French and in German).

I am currently also collaborating with language agencies in Paris, such as Interculture (ILC) for foreign speakers aiming at learning French and Speaking Agency for the German learners.




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