No French conversation partner? No worries!



You just arrived in Paris and you are starting to get settled with your job and home.

You started taking French lessons and you are doing your best to progress fast. However, the people you are connected with in Paris are all English speaking, and so is your company. You are feeling that something is missing to help you go further in your learning of French.

No French conversation partner available right now? No worries.


bonjour monsieur

Here are a few tips to work out your conversational French if you are on your own:

  • Step out into the streets of the Capital and use every pretext to engage a conversation: order some coffee, buy some croissants, ask for info about a place, buy some fruit and vegetables. This is FREE practice that you can apply ANY TIME. And do not be shy about making mistakes: most people will correct you if what you are saying is incorrect in French.
  • use some audio documents and repeat sentences…do it several times during the day…the more you repeat, the better you will be.
  • take your phone and make a call to an administration: just ask for some very basic things ( if you are feeling usure, you can always prepare a few sentences on a paper sheet)
  • use passive learning: turn on your TV, radio or audio documents and keep doing what you have to do…just hearing French regularly will also make you progress rapidly. I am using passive learning regularly when I don’t have time with other languages, and I can ensure you that it truly works.
  • Try to think in French, and use the structures that you already know.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some further learning tips. I am very willing to help you out!

Wishing you best luck in learning French rapidly!







Preparing a job interview in French? Let me help you!



You have fallen in love with the City of Lights…now you are able to project your daily life in Paris and you would enjoy getting settled here.

Having found the City of your dreams, all you need now is to get hold of the job of your dreams!

You may feel scared about having a job interview in French, as it requires a lot of self-confidence and in also your French speaking skills.

Of course, there are jobs in Paris that are specifically aimed at English speakers and that don’t require a good knowledge of French, such as English speaking baby sitter, native speaker jobs in English language, working at an American bar or inside of a tourist shop…however, for most positions, a good knowledge of French is mandatory.

But also, while applying to French jobs, you will need to know how to present your CV and your cover letter. You will also need to be convincing during the interview.

There are DO’s and DON’Ts in France that you need to be aware of, otherwise, you may be dismissed as a candidate.

DO NOT PANIC! I am here to help you prepare your job interview consistently.


Here is what you can expect from our sessions:

  • boosting your confidence
  • working on pronounciation and phonetics
  • working on your elocution and fluency
  • help in writing/correcting/modifying your CV
  • help in correcting your cover letter
  • working on your assets/ fields of competency
  • job interview simulations


Do not hesitate: let me help you succeed in making your dreams come true in Paris!

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Expatriates, let me help you succeed in French…

You’ve dreamt of emigrating to France. Paris was on your mind all the time. Now you are here. Your dream has come true, but you are feeling blue.

Your biggest dream seems to have turned into a nightmare and you are on an emotional roller coaster all the time.  You have been dealing with unfriendly people, constantly harrassed and running people in the metro, the French are speaking too fast for you to catch their speech and, on top of that, you are dealing with the legendary French bureaucracy that is driving you nuts!

bureaucracy 3

Do not worry: I am feeling you. Being an expat is very challenging. I have been there. Although I mastered the language, getting settled in London was far from easy, and, believe it or not, I’ve been dealing with tons of bureaucracy as well from the English side.

I can help you transform your expatriation into a success. How?



-first of all, by helping you acquire more confidence in speaking out. The method I am using is based on very concrete situations that you can apply immediately after the lesson.


French cheese

-by helping you to deal with the “cultural shock”: the French are quite different from their European neighbors and from English speaking countries. Good food, good cheese, good wines, for instance, play a major role for many French citizens. Being Latins, most people are more laid back and like taking time after their work. The “art of living” or ” art de vivre” is very important to the French. Parisians, by the way, are not representative of France as a whole, so it is important that you travel a little bit out of Paris ( if you can), in order to discover various traditions.

-by helping you with your administrative paperwork: you will be more confident as you get acquainted with specific formulas and administrative slang

-by increasing your cultural knowledge about Paris and France and giving you some infos on shopping in different arrondissements.

-by working on pronounciation and intonation and by stimulating your conversational skills.


paris heart


French lessons in Paris? Always a good idea!

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Busy? A few, effortless and efficient tools to make some consistent progress in learning your language

learning language asleep

Too busy practicing your language? What if I told you that there is an efficient, passive way to learn French ( or German or any other language you wish to learn)?

Passive learning doesn’t require any special attention from you, just some audio material or an internet connection.

You are coming back from work and feeling tired? You still have a dinner to prepare? Do not worry.

While preparing your dinner, just turn on some program in French ( a movie, a TV report, a set of French songs, or whatever you prefer) and go back to your occupation. Let your brain work for you while you are peeling your vegetables. Repeat this exercice as often as possible. Your sequences doesn’t have to be long, it could last 15 minutes or so, but it MUST be done preferably every day. Regularity counts and you will soon be rewarded. Before you even notice it, your French will improve!

How come? Your brain is like an active tape that records every sound you hear. These sounds will penetrate into your subconscious mind and make you familiar with the language.

Do you want to accelerate your progress even more?

Then you could choose to practice 15 minutes prior going to sleep, ideally even in bed, between sleep and wakefulness. This state is called hypnogogia.

I can ensure you that it works very well as I experienced it myself back in 1996, while learning Hebrew as an autodidact. I was struggling with the 6 first lessons, when I decided to replay my tapes prior sleeping. From this time on, my understanding of the language grew and I started to make some consistent progress.

No excuses. Too busy? No way! Anybody can do it and it works for anybody and for any language!

All you need to bring with you is a relaxed mind and a good dose of determination.

You have everything to win! Are you committed to accepting this challenge?





Not keen on having formal French lessons? You choose your formula!



quoi de neuf

So, you are not really the book learner type? You would love to combine the charm of the Parisian streets with your learning of the language?

May I suggest that we study one formal lesson with specific formulations, grammar and vocabulary? Then, at our next lesson, we could simply step out into the streets of Paris, where you could apply your French under my supervision…

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll give you the tools and then, here you are, at the bakery, ordering your baguette and croissants!

We could also have some conversational French in the streets of Paris or in any place you like!

Remember: ALL lessons are and will be tailored according to your specific needs.

Just let me know what you expect from the lessons and we will work it out together.

I am here to help you succeed!