Pricing and availability

Pricing and conditions

Please note that the package of lessons you are choosing is to be paid IN CASH at the first lesson before we start. You will need to advise 48 hours in advance before any cancellation; otherwise, the booked lessons are due. You will receive an invoice certifying that payment has been made in full. For some obvious security reasons, I don’t accept cheques. Please note that scammers will be reported to the local police.


per lesson: 55 euros per hour ( a minimum of two hours is required by a customer, for some obvious schedule planning reasons)

2 HOURS: 110 euros

Warning: packages are non-refundable…please make sure that you are able to attend all classes. If you are unsure, having a few sessions of 2 hours may be a better solution for you. Thanks for understanding.

1O HOURS: 530 euros

15 HOURS: 750 euros

20 HOURS: 1000 euros

Pricing includes :

  • travel to your place ( within 30 minutes of travel)
  • material provided
  • lesson tailored to your specific needs

Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at the email address provided on the website in the contact section.

Why prefer individual lessons to group lessons ?

Group lessons that are organized by different groups/ association may seem cheaper at first sight. However, you will be losing on the long term. Why ? The reason is simple : your individual needs/ interests and difficulties won’t be taken into account, given the fact that only the group and its progression as a whole will be considered. You might be frustrated if some points of the lesson remain unclear to you.


I am available from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Friday mornings.

I don’t teach on Friday afternoon or on Saturdays. If your working schedule doesn’t allow you to have lessons during the week, it is possible for me to exceptionally arrange lessons on Sunday.

I don’t do evening lessons, as I am involved in different activities during the evening.


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